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argued that "no change in the status of women could occur until socialism was achieved" (82). Black Panther spokesmen further divided the conference on the female issue by proclaiming in favor of "pussy power," a comment which caused severe negative reactions, unrelieved by a Panther leader's subsequent explanation that "He was only trying to say that you sisters have a strategic position for the revolution-prone" (82).
But if the various factions are divided on the primacy of the strategy of women's liberation movements, it is clear that all white radicals recognize the desirability of female equality and the importance of birth control techniques—contraception and abortion—in achieving this equality. Indeed, such "conservative" approaches can almost be taken for granted. Somewhat more controversial will be such means as are advocated in a "Journal of Female Liberation" entitled No More Fun and Games (83):
As for single women, we advise them to remain single, and to deal with problems of being a woman alone and free, living autonomously in control of her own life. The most demanding and rewarding arrangement is to live completely alone; however, this is sometimes financially impossible. Female communes offer a creative alternative. The commune should be politically rather than socially oriented (liberation, not snagging men, should be the goal) and women should practice self-sufficiency individually and collectively. Possibilities for learning from each other should be exploited, while resisting temptation to fall back on each other for entertainment.
We think one should avoid pregnancy (by abortion if necessary) at this time. If one has talent for dealing with children, she (or he) can work in a nursery school or an orphanage or even set up a child care center. If one has an overpowering need to possess a child of one's own, there are many homeless children and unwanted children soon to be born: there is no need, where the world problem is overpopulation and not underpopula-tion, to bring still more into the world. However, if one does feel a need to possess and mold a child of one's own, perhaps that is a sign that one has not achieved sufficient maturity and autonomy and is seeking a hopeless fulfillment through neurotic channels.
Black moderates tend to favor family planning for the same reasons as white moderates, but the picture is less clear for black radicals. On the one hand they are not so concerned as white radicals about female liberation. On the other hand, the "virilism" apparent in some factions plus the equation of black power with black numbers tend to bias them against birth control, even as a way of liberating the female. Julius Lester is one of the very few black radicals who sees the positive role of birth control in the achievement of black power:
Those black militants who stand up and tell women "Produce black babies!" are telling black women to be slaves. ... To have 11 children and